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After being a painter for five years Kolby began the first notes on a story in the autumn of 1999. They were small sketches to a story about a young boy who awakened a decapitated head with a song. It later came to be a Shakesperian sonnet, and the head became an English lord. The story of Will O’Phillie and Lord Falconbridge was born.

Kolby kept on writing with high speed. “It was like I channelled the story and just had to put it onto paper,” he later said. “I could sit on the bus and write for 20 minutes, go to a dinner for four hours, and pick up the last word and write for 20 minutes on the bus on my way home again.”

With 182 finished pages he went to the publishing house Aschehoug, who turned the “way too complicated” story down. Kolby then went to the publishing house Cappelen who immediately took onto the story and promised the debutant to publish if he could finish the novel as good as he had begun it.

A year and a half later “Will O’Phillie and the story of Lord Falconbridge” was finished and published. It received splendid reviews both from critics and the audience.

The autumn 2004 Kolby lived in California and in September he began sketching on a story about the witch processes in northern Norway in the 1600s. Finding the material highly visual, he set for writing the story as a screenplay. The following two and a half years he wrote and studied the craft of screenwriting. As soon as the screenplay was finished he began writing the novel. With 40 pages on paper, he went to the renowned publishing house Kagge Forlag who took onto the book immediately. 10 months later Kolby had written the novel, and it was published the following autumn, again receiving splendid reviews both from critics and audience.

Kolby is also a ghost guide taking groups around in the old city centre of Oslo as well as at the old royal fortress Akershus and tells about the history of Oslo and ghost tales through the last 700 years. In 2011 Kolby got published the documentary book “Ghostwalking – haunted places in Norway” along with his ghost walk college Kristin Amundsen.

As childrens books have always been a favourite field for Kolby, he is currently working on a new series of books, called “Uncle Tross”. Based upon himself and his relationship to his niece Hedda and nephew Sondre, Kolby writes fables about a highly weird uncle who brings the children into adventures of all kinds – to their parents’ deep dislike.

The author Ross Kolby