Ross Kolby

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The Happy Election

In 2010 Baerum Teaterselskap staged Norwegian playwright Nils Kjaer’s comedy “The Happy Election” from 1913. Kolby played the character Ojvind Holt.

Member of Parliament Celius is a celebrated man and politician in his little hometown outside of Oslo. He is large enough to also have fought for women’s right to vote in elections, but gets the shock of his life when his wife Lavinia decides to enter politics. His politics. Their daughter Pauline is engaged to the journalist Ojvind Holt, who tries to balance between writing what he feels is right and true, and to not oppose and enrage his father in law; Celius.

Lavinia is doing well in the campaign. Way too well. If she wins she will take her husband’s seat in the Parliament. Will she win the election – and loose her bitter-to-be husband?

Kolby as Ojvind Holt, preparing to meet his father in law.

Kolby as Ojvind Holt, happily engaged to his wife to be.

The actor Ross Kolby

Kolby as Sigurdur in "The White Christ".