Ross Kolby

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Night Must Fall

In 2012 Baerum Teaterselskap staged American playwright Emlyn Williams’ crime thriller “Night Must Fall” from 1934. Kolby played one of the lead roles as Dan.

The rich but cantankerous dowager Mrs. Bramson lives on an isolated estate with her employees and her niece Olivia. One day Mrs. Bramson’s maid Dora admits she has become pregnant, and Mrs. Bramson calls for the man responsible to give him a scolding. As he arrives, Dan takes no scolding, but gets in the good graces of the aging invalid lady, and lands an employment among her staff instead.

But being a psychotic killer Dan sees to that the events in the bungalow take a quite new turn, and he drives its residents between both joy and horror with his elegant charm and ice cold murder personality.

Dan and the cook, Mrs Terence as he tries to uncover where the old lady hides her money.


Dan enjoys a moment of rare self insight.


Dan begins to work on Mrs Bramson's health issues, making himself irreplaceable.


Mrs. Bramson is deeply charmed by the new face in the mansion.


Dan is quickly getting house warm at Mrs. Bramson's estate.


Dan irritated realizes Olivia and the rest of the guests in the house have searched in his suitcases.


Dan is getting ready to scold Hubert and the nosy group of guests.


Hubert Laurie is unfortunately holding Dan's wallet, as Dan ice coldly suggests the return of it.


Mrs. Terence and Hubert suffering Dan's icy rage.


Dan is using his charm to soften Mrs. Bramson ...


... but the old lady is not always easily comforted.


Dr. Libby is responsible for Mrs. Bramson's health, and is visiting the mansion regularly.


Dan unfolding the terrible details of the murder in the woods from the fresh newspaper.


In a moment with Olivia, Dan shows a bit of his tormented inside.


The cook, Mrs. Terence, is feisty and outspoken.


Trying to solve the case, detective Belsize from Scotland Yard begins visiting the house.


Mr. Belsize is not fully convinced of Dan's alleged innocence. The dislike is mutual.


Being close to revealed, Dan faints, and is being treated by Mrs. Terence and arriving Dr. Libby.


The maiden, Dora, is dwelling upon her "situation", as she is pregnant with Dan.


Dan intended to strangle Mrs. Bramson, but changes his mind in the last second. She is not that fortunate the next time.


When Olivia returns unexpectedly, she finds her aunt Mrs. Bramson dead - and Dan in a breakdown.


She tries to comfort the serial killer, and is willing to stand up for him, pleading guilty herself.


Alarmed by the screams of Mrs. Bramson, the police arrives at the mansion and arrests the now calmer Dan.


The judge reads the verdict; death penalty by hanging. Dan is off to the gallows ...


... but his good mood is not wasted on him, and Dan proclaims he is to hang with a smile.

The actor Ross Kolby

Kolby as Sigurdur in "The White Christ".