Ross Kolby

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In pre production.

In April 2014 Kolby will play one of the lead roles in director Rebecca Kjellmann's short film "Engelsdaughter". It is sat in year 1613 - the time of the haunting witch processes in Europe. It is a dark chapter in the historiy of Norway, as the witch hunt in the country was the worst on the Continent percentage wise. 


Kolby will play the farmer Viggo, who falls deeply in love with his maid Ingrid. He has for several years, and against his will, been married to Gerd and they have a son Odin. When he helplessly falls in love with his maid, cheating on his wife is the least of problems. Ingrid has a reputation as a witch.

Viggo refuses to believe all the accusations thrown upon her, and despite criticism from his wife, son and the surroundings he clings even harder to his feelings for Ingrid. But as the relationship takes a new direction, Viggo's true, unsymphatic nature unfolds.

The film will be shot at historic Maihaugen Museum at Lillehammer in April, and will be participating at short film festivals in Norway and abroad.

The actor Ross Kolby

Kolby as Sigurdur in "The White Christ".