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Ghostwalking - Haunted places in Norway

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In 2006 Kolby joined the small Oslo based guide company Oslo City and Nature Walks, to perform ghostwalks in the old center of Oslo as well as on the grounds of the old royal palace Akershus. He unfolded 700 years of city history along with hair raising ghost stories from the area.

Kolby initiated a book about these stories, as well as several others around the country, and it was published in the fall 2009. His co-writer was Kristin Amundsen, the owner of the guide company. The series of ghost stories is enthralling, and one will be surprised where and how spirits haunt along the stretched country.

Sweet ghosts, frightening ghosts and simply dangerous poltergeists are found in old and new houses. The reader will meet ghosts in places as famous as the legendary viking ship "Oseberg" where they, 1200 years after their deaths, still throw a party in the impressive ship.

Photography of a possible ghost at the Hansa Museum in Bergen.

This photography is from the book, and is a rare and highly visible view of a possible ghost. The picture was taken at the Hansa Museum in Bergen, and first at home, the photographer discovered the shape of an old, bearded man to the left at the picture.

The photography has not been manipulated and is shown as it appeared on the computer when loaded from the camera.

When shown on a web site for supernatural occurrences, the photography caused a heavy debate and the photographer was accused of pulling a hoax. She eventually decided to withdraw the image due to the rage it rose.

Aboard the legendary Oseberg viking ship numerous viking ghosts are holding an everlasting funeral party.

The author Ross Kolby