Ross Kolby

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Size: 91 x 85 cm Size: 91 x 85 cm
Oil on canvas, 91 x 85 cm. 1998.


As with the Popes, the painter in this unusual portrait of a cardinal uses a known figure - a sort of archetype - to deal with a theme. The cardinals represent an overwhelming power being the princes of the Roman Catholic Church and "votabile" for the throne of St. Peter. Painting the cardinal without eyes and with a disabled arm, Kolby symbolizes this man’s lacking ability to see or act.


The mentality of "looking the other way" and avoid interference is of course also found among the red princes. As the assassination of John F. Kennedy was made possible by this attitude, the death of Pope John Paul I could be carried out only with the participation of individuals "looking the other way".























Ross Kolby

«Painting, writing or acting are like colours on my palette. I mix them and make use of the crafts to create living, breathing, believable characters - people that I feel inside me»

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