Ross Kolby

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Size: 91 x 110 cm Size: 91 x 110 cm
Oil on canvas, 91 x 110 cm. 1997.


As in his other canvases, Kolby creates a personal reality unbound by realistic view in this landscape. With an eternal atmosphere the spectator is led into the silence in this canvas. The Norwegian painter Lars Hertervig (1830-1902) developed a landscape quite exceptionally personal, with an atmosphere of nature’s wild and gigantic governing of Man. Hertervig’s definition of nature, and his ability of seeing it with his eyes, has influenced on Kolby’s work.

Ross Kolby

«Painting, writing or acting are like colours on my palette. I mix them and make use of the crafts to create living, breathing, believable characters - people that I feel inside me»

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Still lives

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