Ross Kolby

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David and Goliath

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Oil on wood, 110 x 90 cm. 2002. (Better image to come)

In the Biblical tale of David and Goliath, the youngster defies the giant and cuts his monumental head off. It is a scene used by numerous artists through time, being especially famous Caravaggio’s late self-portrait as the decapitated Goliat.

Inspired by the strong symbols in this tale, Kolby has painted a most personal protest painting. At the time living in Denmark, he was along with the cultural life deeply chocked when the newly appointed Minister of Cultural Affairs, Mr. Brian Mikkelsen, took office. 

Shortly after the minister executed several highly unpopular decisions, including a 15% immediate cut in all cultural budgets. This created a wave of angry writers, painters, musicians, dancers and cultural dedicated persons, demanding a full stop in what they saw as a demolishment of Danish culture. There were massive demonstrations and campaigns, but Kolby made his point in his own way.

Painting himself as David, he stands with a decisive look, holding the blood- dripping head of decapitated Goliath; the Minister of Cultural Affairs. The art has defied the politics. Kolby stated it had come to be necessary executing a more than 15% cut off Mr. Mikkelsen.

Ross Kolby

«Painting, writing or acting are like colours on my palette. I mix them and make use of the crafts to create living, breathing, believable characters - people that I feel inside me»

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