Ross Kolby

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The Red Prince

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Oil on board, 42 x 30 cm. 2008.


The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are also called "The Princes of Church". Executing a vast power being "papabile" - electable to the Throne of St. Peter - they conduct the church's affairs along with the Pope.


In this portrait the artist has portrayed an eight year old boy dressed for Halloween. Wearing his cardinal costume he makes a stunning appearance seeming a dwarfed prince of church with a innocent, but yet cunning look in his eyes.


The contrast between the seriousness and symbolical power of the garments and the child's innocent face may also make the painting tell a darker tale. It may draw the spectator's thoughts onto a serious problem of the catholic church; the grave sexual abuse of children.

Ross Kolby

«Painting, writing or acting are like colours on my palette. I mix them and make use of the crafts to create living, breathing, believable characters - people that I feel inside me»

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