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Saturday, 13 October 2012 09:29

Unveiling of the Sonsteby portrait

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After four months of working on the portrait of the legendary resistance fighter and leader of the "Oslo gang", Gunnar "Kjakan" Sonsteby, the painting was unveiled 15th November 2011. In a private arrangement at the Norwegian Resistance Museum Sonsteby unveilet the portrait along with his long time friend and giver of the painting; Erling Lorentzen. He was himself part of the resistance fighters during World War II, where he met Sonsteby. Several other WWII veterans were attending the arragement.


It was a memorable moment when the two old friends together lifted the cover and displayed the painting - 70 years after they met in war torn Oslo.


My meetings with Sonsteby have been a great experience. Getting to talk to a man who was a part of WWII history, and could tell me first hand experiences was overwhelming. Not only his deeds during the war are impressive, but his continuous work for making youth understand the importance of democracy has served Norway the last 70 years.


A new unveiling of the painting at the site it is now hanging was held later the same month, with the Chief of Defense, the Secretary of Defense and other military personnel along with Sonsteby and veteran friends. Knowing that the painting is hanging at Sonsteby's last office - now a museum - is a great honor.


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