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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:38

Unveiling of the Lorentzen portrait

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The Rio based businessman Erling Lorentzen is a central figure in Norwegian business life as well as internationally. His building up of Aracruz Cellulose to the world's greatest producer of bleached pulp has been his lifework.


Mr. Lorentzen generously donated the portrait of Gunnar "Kjakan" Sonsteby to the Norwegian Resistance Museum, and in that connection I got to know him. A wish to also capture this man with his history from the 17 year old volunteer resistance fighter to international industry giant was a fascinating one. And in connection with his 90th birthday I got the possibility to portray him.


In the evening of the 28th January Mr. Lorentzen held a gala dinner at Grand Hotel in Oslo to celebrate this event. A 150 guests from all over the world attended the dinner party, among them also the King, the Queen, the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess.


The portrait of the jubilant was unveiled in the Rococo Hall in front of the guests, and both the model and the painting underwent close inspection from the interested guests. I am honored to have had the possibility to portray both Sonsteby and Lorentzen, two old friends from the 1940's, both men with unique and outstanding stories and lives.

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